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Spanish courses Spain. Learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America. Spanish in Spain and Latin America. Spanish schools in Spain.



Our schools run Spanish language and culture courses throughout the year. We are committed to providing intensive, enjoyable programmes and we help each student to reach his or her true potential language level as effectively as possible.

Courses are orientated towards communication and action: the main priority is effective communication and correct situational usage. Thanks to its careful programme which covers all the aspects of the language a great number of different subjects are dealt with in an intensive manner and so maximum progress is guaranteed.

In Denia and in O Grove, in summer, we also organize foreign language courses for Spanish students, creating ideal opportunities to exchange languages and make friends.


" Spanish courses from 2 weeks onwards.

" You can start
every Monday if you have some knowledge of Spanish. If you are beginner you should check dates (click here).

" Courses take place from
Monday to Friday. The only exceptions are national bank holidays, without lessons; on other regional bank holidays classes will be held or lost hours made up by extra tuition. The number of hours depends on the course that you choose. In all cases one hour means 45 academic minutes.

" There are
3 to 8 students per group, so that each student has the opportunity to participate actively. Even if the minimum number of participants is not reached in a level, the class will take place, but the time of the class will be decreased.

" Young native Spanish teachers with both university qualifications and appropriate teaching experience.

" In the Intensive course
six different levels are offered. It is our aim that students choose the course that specifically meets their needs.

" A
test taken on the first Monday of the course, together with an informal conversation, will be used to assess your ability. Your own self-assessment on the registration form, together with the result of this test will help us to determine which level is most suitable. It is usually possible to change levels during the course.

" A
certificate which confirms the type of course, duration, intensity and level will be awarded to those regularly attending the language course.

Hours: 4 hours daily, Monday to Friday.
Duration: from 2 weeks onwards.
Start: every week, except for absolutely beginners.
Levels: all.
Group: 3 to 8 students per class.

The most popular with our students. Although quite intensive it still allows you to enjoy your free time in the cities.

Hours: 6 hours daily, Monday to Friday.
Duration: from 2 weeks onwards.
Start: every week, except for absolutely beginners.
Levels: all.
Group: 3 to 8 students per class.

This course is held in Denia, O Grove, Barcelona, Málaga, Canet, Salamanca, Madrid and Buenos Aires.

Hours: 4 or 6 hours daily in group PLUS 1 or 2 hours of individual tuition per day.
Duration: from 2 weeks onwards.
Start: every week, except for absolutely beginners.
Levels: all.

These courses are aimed at students with time restrictions or who want to increase the knowledge in particular areas.

Hours: 2 to 6 hours daily, Monday to Friday.
Duration: from 1 week onwards.
Start: any time.
Levels: your own needs.

In private tuition, as in groups you may choose the subjects, duration, level and intensity of your course. Please send us details of your intentions and we will plan your programme to suit your requirements.

D.E.L.E.-PREPARATION (Spanish Language Diploma)
Levels: Basic, Independent and Proficient.
Dates of the examns: May and November.
Duration: from 2 to 8 weeks before the exam dates.
Hours: depending on the school.
Group: 3 to 8 students per class.

This is a preparation course for D.E.L.E., then you can take the examn in Spain or in your country. Registration fees for D.E.L.E. examn are not included in our course price. If you do not have the knowledge required to follow the D.E.L.E. course, we recommend you attend a previous course.
We offer this course in Denia, Granada, Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona, Prado and Tenerife.

Complementary course to the Intensive course. There are various options:
" Spanish and Latin American Literature
" Spanish and Latin American History or Culture
" Spanish for Business

Hours: depending on the school.
Levels: from B1.
Duration: 2, 3 or 4 weeks.
Group: 3 to 8 students per class.

We offer this course in Granada, Salamanca and Madrid.
In Granada: special courses legal or medical Spanish.
In Tenerife: special courses surf, salsa, Spanish cooking .